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inspiring youth

I don’t get star struck with actors or people on the big screen.  To me, they were just in the right place at the right time, or born into the right family. Those who have forged their own way and created their own success are the ones that I am in awe of.

Chris Hadfield spoke to a rather small community last night at their Equinox Festival.  This was a free event dealing with dark sky and celebrating the fall equinox.  Appropriately enough, last night was the equal hour point between daylight and night. Very fitting.

Chris Hadfield is a phenomenal speaker.  He chose questions from the audience, and really just focused on the children.  I like that.  He came off the stage and into the crowd.  He asked the names of those asking the questions.  All signs of a charismatic leader.  He is grounded even though he has done some of the most amazing things of anyone on our planet.  I mean, he not only was an astronaut, he was the commander of the International Space Station! You don’t meet someone like that every day.

This man didn’t do all of this for himself.  That is what impresses me the most.  He knew going up into space that he had the opportunity to do more with it than just be the cool astronaut in space.  He found a way to create an interest in students.  He performed science experiments requested from those on earth, recorded them and posted them on YouTube for the world to access.  He co-wrote a song with one of the members of Barenaked Ladies, recorded it, and distributed it to all the school music programs.  Then, once on the ISS, he sang it LIVE with students all over!  Amazing.

Back on Earth, Chris Hadfield authored and published several books.  Assuming this is an income generator for himself based on his unique experiences, I was sure he was able to retire on his royalties alone.  I have even greater respect for this man after learning that all the profits from his books go to designated charities.  And he told us what they were.  The Red Cross was one of them.  He didn’t write those books for himself.  He wrote them for us. So we can experience what he experienced through his words and images.  And so the money those books made could be put back into community programs where they are needed.  An absolutely incredible individual.

But I think I am still in awe of the fact that he came to this small community that probably most of Canada has never heard of.  The fact that sitting there right in front, being able to see him so very clearly at an event that I didn’t have to pay any money for.  I didn’t even have to pay for parking!  This.  This is what makes him worthy of awe.  He came to a place so very small.  For an event they were hoping might draw in maybe 6000 people.  And he said yes.

Respect.  On so many levels.

So thank you, Chris Hadfield.  Thank you for coming to Nowhere Alberta.  Thank you for being down to Earth.  Thank you for the inspiration and the motivation you provided so many children and adults alike last night.  And thank you for being ever so patient and gracious, greeting all those who wanted their 30 seconds to meet you and say hello.  Thank you for inspiring our next generation.


make your heart happy

Everyone needs to take time to do what makes their heart sing.  Whatever that may be for you, do it.

My heart sings when I do what is authentic to my being.  Maybe I’m creating something..painting, writing, or photographing.  Maybe I’m roadtripping with the two most special young men in my world.

Whatever it is, don’t wait.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Don’t wait for next week.  Don’t wait until the ‘time is right’.  Tomorrow never hits.  Next week always gets pushed back.  The time is never right.  Make the time.  We live this life once, and none of us are getting out alive.  Create happiness. Live love.  Sing and dance in the rain.  Go hunting dinosaurs.  Look for stars and chase rainbows.  Leave a legacy that people can look at your live and know that you’ve lived it well.


character, part 2

Last week I wrote about character, but the negative type. This week, I feel the need to balance it out with the positive. 

This has been a very challenging week. My furnace wouldn’t work, my boys were in a car accident on their way back to me, and various smaller issues seemed to rear their ugly heads all at the same time. 

First, I will say, they are ok. Sore, and whiplash, but nothing broken or needing stitches. My Physiotherapy team were amazing and had them scheduled within two days and took such good care of them. The receptionist, knowing how much trouble my ex has given me for other things, and knowing I wasn’t getting anywhere with him to get his insurance information (since he was driving), took the reigns and she managed somehow to get everything from him!  Blessings. My boys can get the treatment they need and I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to have to try and pay for it. 

Last weekend, it got pretty chilly here, and my furnace just would not start. It would cost me $200 just to have a guy come to my door, then at least another $80/hour to fix it. I just did not have the money for that at the moment. So the boys and I cuddled under blankets and we made the best of our situation.  When I got to work after the long weekend, I asked my colleagues if they could recommend anyone they trusted. That same day I had two professionals volunteer to come look at my furnace after work. Now, with having to get the boys in for therapy since the accident, I asked if we could wait for a better day so it could be done right after work instead of asking them to make an extra trip. And yes, that is what happened. By the grace of God, it was not a major problem. It took him about an hour to fix and he didn’t charge me anything for it. More blessings. 

Not all things in life go well. Sometimes it frustrates us, angers us, and sends us in a downward spiral. But, when we choose to look for the positives, we see these angels on earth who are there. The people who help us and look after us. Never take this for granted. These are the ones we treasure. These are the ones whose character shines brighter than last week’s example. These are the ones worth knowing and remembering. The ones that should be highlighted and thanked. Prayed for. 

So thank you to the Physiotherapy staff…all of them for making it easier for all three of us. Thank you to my colleagues and the ones who will give their time to help another. Thank you for all the good hearts and good souls in the world. They remind us that there is good out there and that we are not alone. 


It amazes me how some people can have two sides.  The one they show you when you are friends or lovers, and the other one.  The ugly one.  The one who does things designed either to be passive aggressive, or perhaps even to deliberately hurt or scar the other person’s reputation.

Why, when in a relationship, do we feel that we can trust individuals, then once the relationship dissolves, fear that the trust imparted will be broken?

Well.  Because it typically is.  When an exboyfriend posts things without permission, when during the relationship, things were shared with the agreement of privacy, this…this is why we fear trust.  Because it happens.  Maybe it’s not the ‘man’ who breaks the privacy bond.  It could be the woman as well… But why?  Why can’t people still respect the relationship that was?  Why tarnish it all with breaking that? With exposing things designed to hurt and offend the other? Things that were shared with the intent of staying with that other person forever.

Vulnerabilities.  When we choose to trust someone, we open up to them.  We become vulnerable.  We hope that our vulnerability is never taken for granted.  To be taken advantage of.  But when it does, it makes us feel like there is nobody in the world whom we can trust.  After all, if you can’t trust a lover, who can you trust?  When you share something as intimate as all the things that can only be shared with someone you feel so close to, when that relationship ends, where does that leave you?  Waiting.  Wondering when those secrets will be exposed.  What trigger will it take for the other person to share all those private things you now wish you had never shared?

Waiting.  Wondering when their morals will slip into the dark and devious realm.  Where their respect for you has not just vanished, but it seems that there is some sense of revenge that needs to be had.  But revenge against what?  When all you have done is loved them and listened to the lies and betrayal.  When you have never questioned or raised your tone to them.

You accepted them for who they were.  The problem is, they were not what you accepted at all.  They were liars.  Cheaters.  Manipulators.  Users.  They wore a disguise to penetrate your fortress, gain insider knowledge, and rip your heart out from the inside out.  Then so much later, they put it on display for the world to see.  Why is this disgraceful behaviour necessary?  Why continue to damage the one who you already took so much from?  The one who never asked for anything more than your love in return, why such hurtful, shameful, harmful displays of aggression?  Perhaps he thinks he can get away with it.  Perhaps he thinks you’ll never find out.  But the world is small.  Connections are everywhere.  The ties get tighter every day, the world is shrinking, and there is no where to hide.

So, let karma take care.  Karma knows what to do.

Meditate.  Chant.  Release the fear, the anxiety, the undeniable hurt.  Put out the energy you need to come back to you.  Be positive.  Release the negative.  Believe in the good that is still out there.  Guard your heart, but still be willing to trust.  Don’t let him break you again.  He was never worth your time.