Monthly Archives: December 2015

year end or great beginnings


Welcome to my blog.  As we all know, some intentions are good yet lack longevity.  Blogging has been much that way for me in the past.  So, with the end of 2015 and my resolve for pursuing my creative path, I truly hope that I will continue with these good intentions of focusing time and effort to those things that are important to me.  As such, this blog is a bit of my story.  Of who I am, who I was, and who I will become as time passes.

I am a single mother to two wonderful sons.  During their time away from home, these are the times that I devote to my adventures and experiences to fill my time in their absence.  As any mother would, I miss my children immensely when we have to spend time apart.  At the beginning, this was like a slow death, having them ripped from my side, I could feel myself bleeding like an amputated appendage would.  Over time, I began to understand what others who had gone through the same thing before me kept telling me.  They said that I needed to keep busy, I needed a hobby.  I needed a life apart from my children.  I couldn’t understand why this was crucial at the start.  I was a mother first.  A provider.  I was a working single mom.  But that wasn’t enough, for those painfully long minutes that turned to excruciatingly long hours.  Those times when I literally counted the hours and minutes until they returned to my nest.  I knew these people who cared about me were right.  I did need to find something to fill my time without them.  I needed something for me.  To become who I am.

I have known part of who I am for some time, and other parts of me are still developing.  Since splitting up with my husband of two decades a few years ago, I have discovered that nature and mountain life runs through my veins, just as they have in my father’s for many years.  I crave time away from the city and people, and I try to escape as often as I can.  Of course, there are many restrictions….and financially speaking, it can’t happen nearly as often as I wish it could!  So I savor the time I do get when I can get away.  I write my experiences in the memory banks in my brain and I photograph as much as I can.  I hope and plan that one day, I will make that transition from urban life to mountain life, for that is where my heart already lives.