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adding karma to your kindness bucket

Doing things for others isn’t just a selfless act.  It is a selfish act also.

I’m not referring to the you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours mentality.  When we do things for others out of the goodness of our hearts, we receive gifts back in the form of good karma that we get to add to our buckets.  This good karma comes back to us in a multitude of ways.  Perhaps it is that unexpected settlement cheque that comes in the mail after a minor accident, or the person in the drive thru ahead of you who decided to pay it forward and covered the cost of your pick-me-up mid-afternoon latte.

Beyond that, we also also experience that whole neuroscience of giving part of ourselves to others.  When we help others, we also help ourselves.  We experience an increase in endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in our brains.  Yes, science actually backs up being a good person.  When we have a surge of endorphins, our bodies actually feel healthier.  So there is the selfish part of it.  When we help others, we are helping ourselves too.

The best part is, that helping others is contagious.  Going back to the pay it forward idea in the drive thru, where I live, this has become a bit of a thing that goes on from time to time.  Maybe it is the Canadian kindness mentality, maybe not.  But, when this begins, it can often continue on for a dozen people or even more.  This positive energy leads to more positive actions which means more goodness in our world.

So, keep adding karma to your kindness bucket.  Let it grow and overflow.  Because it’s good for the world around you, and it is very good for you too.


character, part 2

Last week I wrote about character, but the negative type. This week, I feel the need to balance it out with the positive. 

This has been a very challenging week. My furnace wouldn’t work, my boys were in a car accident on their way back to me, and various smaller issues seemed to rear their ugly heads all at the same time. 

First, I will say, they are ok. Sore, and whiplash, but nothing broken or needing stitches. My Physiotherapy team were amazing and had them scheduled within two days and took such good care of them. The receptionist, knowing how much trouble my ex has given me for other things, and knowing I wasn’t getting anywhere with him to get his insurance information (since he was driving), took the reigns and she managed somehow to get everything from him!  Blessings. My boys can get the treatment they need and I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to have to try and pay for it. 

Last weekend, it got pretty chilly here, and my furnace just would not start. It would cost me $200 just to have a guy come to my door, then at least another $80/hour to fix it. I just did not have the money for that at the moment. So the boys and I cuddled under blankets and we made the best of our situation.  When I got to work after the long weekend, I asked my colleagues if they could recommend anyone they trusted. That same day I had two professionals volunteer to come look at my furnace after work. Now, with having to get the boys in for therapy since the accident, I asked if we could wait for a better day so it could be done right after work instead of asking them to make an extra trip. And yes, that is what happened. By the grace of God, it was not a major problem. It took him about an hour to fix and he didn’t charge me anything for it. More blessings. 

Not all things in life go well. Sometimes it frustrates us, angers us, and sends us in a downward spiral. But, when we choose to look for the positives, we see these angels on earth who are there. The people who help us and look after us. Never take this for granted. These are the ones we treasure. These are the ones whose character shines brighter than last week’s example. These are the ones worth knowing and remembering. The ones that should be highlighted and thanked. Prayed for. 

So thank you to the Physiotherapy staff…all of them for making it easier for all three of us. Thank you to my colleagues and the ones who will give their time to help another. Thank you for all the good hearts and good souls in the world. They remind us that there is good out there and that we are not alone.