Monthly Archives: August 2016

recognize what’s important

Life pulls us in so many directions.  There are endless avenues we can take, and someone or something pulling or pushing us into so many of them.  So, what is important? Which of these paths are the ones that mean the most to you?  Which ones do you travel down?

Tough call.

One may lead you down a successful career path.  Another may lead to a family centred life.  Yet another may be a life of travel and exotic locations.  Some may have children, others may leave you single and free of ties.

So, how do we know what is most important for us, each as individuals?

I think what we need to do is really listen…pay attention to what makes sense in our lives.  What we want, what we need, and who else we want involved.

No easy task.

Some things are laid out for us before getting to the point of asking these questions.  So we work with what we have.  But happiness should never be the cost.  There are always ways to find another path to that particular avenue that our souls so desperately want to be walking down.

What if you wanted to be an artist, but you were pushed into accounting?  There you are, working at a desk, crunching numbers all day.  Doing this without allowing yourself the freedom to do what you truly love is a slow and painful demise.  Maybe your evenings are spent painting or sculpting.  Maybe you take classes to develop your artistic skills.  Just because your career describes you as an accountant, that does not define who you are.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I do what I do, professionally.  But personally, I am an artist, a writer, a photographer, an adventurer.

What’s not as important is how clean my floors are, how many dust bunnies live in the corners behind the sofa, how many weeds are growing in my garden, or how big the pile of laundry is.

We live this life but once.  None of us are getting out alive.  So do what makes you happy.  Recognize, and make time for what is most important for you.



There are times when it is necessary to step outside your comfort zone and try something different. There are times to recognize your limitations and remain within them. There are times to challenge yourself, and times to be gentle with yourself. 

The past two weeks have been a combination of all these things. It has been stressful, but joyful. I have pushed myself in directions in order to grow, and I have accepted some areas that I see need some work. 

Life is a celebration. It’s a challenge and a joy. There are tears and heartbreak but also momentous successes and breakthroughs. I think one thing we all need to remember is that life is a balancing act. Take what you need and leave the rest. 


I have spent this past week in an intensive course with strangers from many different backgrounds and disciplines. I have connected with a number of individuals that I likely would not have met if it were not for this course. 

I cannot tell you how incredibly grateful I am for this opportunity. 

I walked in completely unsure as to what to expect. I had an open mind, but still wondered what would they tell me that I didn’t already know. Turns out, there was quite a bit, and it was amazing!  This course carries on for one more week, and I am looking forward to the rest of it. 

Behind the learning, I am looking forward to seeing the others in my cohort. And I am hoping to be able to forge some long term friendships with many of them. 

Keeping an open mind is a start to growing as a person. I am enjoying the journey and I hope it never ends. 

the beginning of a new chapter

There is something to be said about spending a little time to reset yourself. A little ‘me time’. Solitude can be cleansing. This week I have spent time doing what I felt like doing. I took a couple road trips, reorganized part of my home, visited the farmers market, spent quality time with a special someone, and did a photo shoot for a dear friend whom I adore.

I woke when my body was ready, often still before 7am.  I practiced yoga. I meditated. I enjoyed a lot of time outdoors in the beauty of nature. I took it in, drank it up with my eyes and soul. I marvelled at her wonder in silence.  I appreciated the harmony of life in nature, as it is intended.

I feel a renewed sense of energy; a shift, as I prepared myself for the new opportunity that has begun for me.  I feel blessed for this new chapter, and I am ready for all it brings with it.