about the author

I am a single working mother of two boys.  I am ‘predominantly plant based’, which basically means I am not vegan, but generally eat vegetarian meals, and may sneak in a little seafood or eggs once in a while.  Local, simple and organic foods are important to me.  Seafood must be ethically caught.  I willingly spend extra for ethical and fair trade products for the betterment of others.

I am a bit of an urban hippie, and have fought that for a long time, but now I embrace it. I take time for yoga and meditation.  My photography is a passion and is a form of meditation in itself for me, as is my creative writing.  I am a creative being in many ways and try to express that as best I can in my daily life.

I raise my children with these same principals, and reinforce in them that it is very important that they remain true to themselves and not be someone that somebody else thinks they should be.

I believe we all have challenges that we work through.  Patience and compassion are keys to being.  We are all perfectly imperfect.

My expectation is to post a weekly blog entry, and I have been successful in doing so since I began.  I appreciate my followers and I encourage comments.  Thank you for joining along on my journey.