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and the greatest of these is love

I spent the last two weeks preparing for, photographing, and editing images for a dear friend’s wedding.  It wasn’t a fancy or expensive wedding, just an intimate affair with their children, close friends, and me as the photographer.  It was one of the best kinds of weddings there are.

Romance has been the theme these past two weeks so it seems.  I watched as she went through the elation of marrying the man that she loved back in the days of climbing trees and skinning knees to saying the emotional and heartfelt vows they wrote to each other.  Life took them on different journeys; but thirty-some years later, they finally realized their youthful dreams of marrying each other.  I was honoured to be part of their day in any capacity.  I was even more honoured to be asked to capture their day for them.

Blended families can be a challenge; but they can also be an amazing new chapter in life.  The man she brought into her child’s life is truly in love with her, and as I observed them as a whole over the weekend, I noticed things that perhaps only a photographer sees.  I saw how he discreetly kept an eye on his young step-son while he continued on doing what he was doing.  I saw how she included his adult daughters as if she had known them all her life, like lifelong friends.  Most of all, I saw how he watched her.  I saw how even though his exterior has been weathered from life, his eyes were soft.  I saw how his eyes softened even more every time he looked at her.  She didn’t notice most times because she was busy being a hostess to her family, but he always had the look in his eyes that showed his soul whenever he laid his eyes on her.  There was no doubt that this man has always loved his bride, and I sense he wanted to take in every single moment of this day so that he would never forget it.

Love.  The greatest of these truly is love.


developing your style

I was told this past week that my photography had become identifiable; that I had developed a style.  I found this to be interesting as I felt like I was still working on that.  Perhaps I have developed a certain style, and I can see where he was coming from when I went back to review my own work.

I believe that in many ways, I have developed a style within a lot of facets in my life.  I have my own writing style, I am drawn to certain clothing styles, I have a hippie/boho chic decorating style, and my jewelry designs seem to follow a similar style as well.

Being unique, as all of us are, we should develop our own style.  We should not feel compelled to follow another exactly.  Learn to create something unique to yourself and leave your own footprint for the world to see.  Develop your own style in whatever it is you do.


We live in a world full of interaction.  We live in houses with other people, within neighborhoods of many other people.  We work with people face to face, on telephones and through email.  We commute to and from work on buses or trains full of people, stand in line ups waiting to give our coffee order to the barista, and in line ups to pay for our groceries.  We pass others at the dog park and on the biking trails.  We are constantly surrounded by other people, and with that, we are constantly surrounded by all the noise and distraction that accompanies them.

There’s a lot to be said for taking some time for personal space.  For solitude.  Quiet, peaceful solitude.

This is how I spent one of my days this week.  I enjoy spending a day out in nature.  I will wake early, load up survival gear, food, camera gear, and of course, the dog, and head out into the mountains.  During my time there, I am off the grid.  No cell service, no interaction, no noise.  Just the pleasing sounds of nature.  Calming, serene nature.  It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, or where I’m headed.  I don’t know where I’m going when I set out, other than a general area that I target.  I don’t know when I’ll come home either.  Whenever it feels right.  Sometimes I’m content to come back home around dinnertime, and sometimes I don’t leave the mountains until well after midnight.  I may spend the day driving the parkways, or I may spend it hiking.  Sometimes I spend it sitting by a glacier lake.  I’m always photographing something.  The one constant thing when I head out into the wilderness alone is that I don’t speak.  I have my own personal silent retreat.  It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and there is something soothing about the silence.

I think that we get used to the noise, as a generality.  For me it becomes sensory overload.  I need to escape it.  I don’t just desire to remove myself from it all, it is a requirement.  Amidst all the chaos that is modern society, there is a certain appeal to that cabin in the woods, even metaphorically speaking.  I am happiest when I am outside the city drone.  I am happiest when I can tromp through the mountains and watch the wildlife in their habitat.  Elk, moose, mountain goats and mountain sheep, eagles and owls, marmots, weasels and pine martens.  I am happiest being out there in my element, camera in hand and dog at my side.  I look forward to the day where this will become the norm, and those escapes will lead me into the city noise instead of running away from it with all the speed and energy I can muster.  But until that day, I will continue to find my solitude in my mountain retreats.