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mother’s day

Mothers, enjoy your children.  While they are young, as they grow, and when they are adults.  Every stage of development for your child is special.  I don’t need to tell you that; you already know.  Every stage my children have been at has been my favourite.  Why?  Because it’s where we are in the present.

Don’t wish for the past when they were young, or perhaps before they were born.

Don’t wait for the day they’re grown up and out of the house so you have peace and quiet or a clean home.

Be present.  Enjoy what today gives you.  It is the ultimate gift.  Love your children no matter who, what, or where they are.  Love yourself too.

Enjoy this day as if there are no others.  Give thanks for the life around you.  Be grateful for the ability to have them in your life for not every woman is as fortunate as you.  Hug your children.  Tell them that you love them.  Mean it.  Every day.



This Christmas was the best one I have had in as many years as I can recall. It wasn’t the gifts under the tree. In fact, it was the absence of them this year that made me happier than before. Perhaps it is a change in perspective. Perhaps it was a change in me. I did not need gifts under the tree to make Christmas special. 

I needed my family and I needed my friends. I needed to do things for others and for strangers and for those in less fortunate situations than I found myself in. 

I kept the gifts lean this year, yet my youngest thought it was the best Christmas ever. This tells me that it isn’t the money spent that makes Christmas special for them either. It’s the love that is shared. 

Having said that, there was a surprise for me this year. One of my very best friends took it upon himself to ensure my boys had gifts under the tree for their mom. He did it without me knowing and it was particularly touching. 

mother’s day

Yes, many will be blogging about Mother’s Day today.  I guess I’m no different. I am blessed to be a mother to the wonderful boys that I have. My youngest woke me at a rather early hour, happy, dressed and with a kiss on my cheek and a  cheery “Happy Mother’s Day, mom!  I love you.”  It started the day off exactly right.  Then, he brought me the Mother’s Day gift that he made at school and was dying since Friday afternoon to give to me.  I adore it. It’s a beautiful work of art.  He created a painting on canvas of a flower, but artistically and creatively placed in the corner of the canvas.  He is quite the artist and has a keen eye.  He could have given me a sock puppet made out of a dirty sweat sock and I would have still treasured it the same way.  I suppose that isn’t the point, but the canvas will find its home on the wall by the end of tomorrow.  Guaranteed. 

After opening my gift, he bopped off to wake his brother.  I spent a few more minutes enjoying the comfort of my bed before getting up and getting showered and set for the day.  We went for a late breakfast at this fantastic little breakfast and lunch place. The “it” place to be this morning, the meal was definitely worth the wait.  Fresh fruit cocktails and smoothies, blueberry pancakes with a custard sauce, eggs, bacon and hash browns, and mushroom and Brie crêpes filled us beyond full.

We came home and my older son gave me his gift that he made in school. His was a very intricate card with my favourite things: flowers, sealife, and dinosaurs.  He knows me well.  Inside this well decorated pyramid shaped box was a clay heart shaped necklace with his fingerprint on it in pink.  I wore the necklace for the rest of the afternoon. It now lives as an ornament hanging from my rear view mirror whe I can see and appreciate it every day.

We took a walk as a family with the dog. Another favourite part of my day.  

The hardest part of my day was having to send them off for the week with their father’s girlfriend.  Oh how I wish he would have agreed to let me have them for the whole day, but alas you can’t change a jackass.

So there it is.  Mother’s Day is done for another whole year.  I wonder what this next year will bring.  

of cuttlefish and wheelie shoes

This week has been about making my kids happy. The older one has this thing about squid. He’s obsessed really. Loves everything about them. He could tell you the most obscure facts and even pronounce architeuthis japonica with the clarity of a PhD student. This week, while grocery shopping, he wanted squid for dinner. He didn’t find what he was looking for…but he did find frozen cuttlefish, and that was close enough for him. How do you cook cuttlefish? I have no idea. So I guessed and apparently it worked out just fine for him. He had them for dinner twice this week.

The younger one, well he has been asking for shoes with wheels in them for weeks. He asked his father last week and he was completely shut down. But life is too short to say no all the time. He has been good with so many things, I really couldn’t find a reason why I should say no. So off we went to Sport Chek.

The little guy was so happy. He did his homework with lightning speed, then chatted happily from the back seat as I drove him to the mall. He waited patiently for the salesman who told us that what we were looking for were “heeleys”, a delightful play on names since idea is that the wheels sit in the heels of the shoes.

The salesman measured his feet, then off he went to the stock room. My little sat on the bench, grin on his face and swinging his feet. He waited patiently until the man came back. The only shoes he had were four sizes too big. My little guy was deflated. Heartbroken really. But so good about it. He stared at those shoes that he coveted so much. Tried them on even though they were far too big to see how much he needed to grow.

Head hanging, he held my hand as we started walking out of the store. My heart was broken for him. He wanted them so very bad and did everything right to earn them, but it didn’t work out. We got halfway to the front of the store and the salesman was walking our way. He was talking, but he was so tall, I thought surely he was looking at someone behind me. He said he found some, but they were baby blue, is that ok?

My son lit up like a Christmas tree. Yes, baby blue!  He tried them on, then and there, right in the middle of the ladies clothing racks. A perfect fit! His smile mended my heart.

So the salesman makes my son pinky swear that he won’t use the wheelie shoes without wearing his helmet. He gladly makes that promise. “A promise between men” as the salesman called it.

On the way home, my son asked me if we could get his helmet out of the garage before going in the house so he could try his new wheelie shoes in the house. I was happy to oblige.

So, thank you to that gentle giant of a man at Sport Chek who helped make my son’s week.  Thank you for checking a second time for the right size and seeing that there was indeed one pair that had been returned. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because kids are only kids for a short period of time, and life is too short to say no, especially to something that is fun.