developing your style

I was told this past week that my photography had become identifiable; that I had developed a style.  I found this to be interesting as I felt like I was still working on that.  Perhaps I have developed a certain style, and I can see where he was coming from when I went back to review my own work.

I believe that in many ways, I have developed a style within a lot of facets in my life.  I have my own writing style, I am drawn to certain clothing styles, I have a hippie/boho chic decorating style, and my jewelry designs seem to follow a similar style as well.

Being unique, as all of us are, we should develop our own style.  We should not feel compelled to follow another exactly.  Learn to create something unique to yourself and leave your own footprint for the world to see.  Develop your own style in whatever it is you do.


One thought on “developing your style

  1. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, my two furry protagonists from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, say that it is very important to be ones self if one is to be satisfied and content in life. Human beings are all individuals possessing their own style and preferences and although it may feel sometimes comfortable to want to belong to a certain “norm”, discovering our “true self” will be the most satisfying of pleasures if we allow it to happen. Of course, this is only our point of view.
    Thank you for posting your work and keep up with your great photography.
    Meow, purr purr and kind regards. 🙂


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