the world changed overnight

The world has changed for so many people since Inauguration Day.  I avoid the news for my own reasons, and have for over ten years now, but nothing stops the important stuff from reaching me.  Clearly, this is important.

I am not an American.  Right now, I am quite thankful for that, however, I do have many good friends who are.  What keeps me from sleeping are the reasons why people living in America are fearful.  People who had rights given to them by previous administrations who are now at risk of having their rights taken away.

Immigrants.  Refugees.  Lesbians and Gays.  Transgender.

People, please.  Love is Love.  Humanity is Humanity.  Borders are imaginary lines drawn up by people wanting to claim more for themselves.  Greed.  Hate is created through propaganda.  Fear is brought on by those breeding hate towards others.

Racism.  I have no use for it.  We as a world should be over this by now.  Religion should be celebrated and used to understand one another, not used as a weapon of war.  Your God did not ask you to kill others or keep them from safety.  Man did that.

LGBQT hate.  Love who you love.  Let others love who they love.  Who said nature always gets things right?  Live your life and let others live theirs.  Your rights do not have more weight or value than others.  Same sex marriage is still marriage and still deserves all the rights and privileges awarded to heterosexual marriage.  Don’t like it?  Go move to Antarctica.  My heart broke last night as I read some very real fears from a homosexual American.  Thoughts I had not considered, but make complete sense, and my heart broke for them all.

I used to believe that the president was just the posterboy, but that he didn’t have the actual power to make such radical changes.  I now fear that I was wrong.  That if he is just a puppet, that the people who truly do make these things happen are just like him, and the devil has been invited to run that country.

I too fear what the future will bring.  Perhaps he will create a wall not just on his south side, but maybe on the north too.  Maybe then we will be protected from this mad man.


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