find your tribe

Perhaps this is a somewhat cliché, or a rather trendy term, but I think the underlying meaning still rings true.  Who belongs in your tribe?  Who makes up your family, your friends, your community?  Who are those people that you connect with unlike any others?

Like minded people can be found everywhere.  The key is to have the open eyes, open mind and open heart to see them and seek them out.

Sometimes people see in us things that we think we are hiding from the world.  Perhaps its in a particular word or phrase we speak, or that subtle piece of jewellery that means so much that it becomes part of us.  Or perhaps is something less subtle, a simple energy that connects like minded souls.

This week I noticed many of these connections.  They come in all ages and sizes, gender, educational level, and  socioeconomic status.  They are found in different places too.  Work, the local coffee shop, the market, the little indie restaurant visited for dessert after the movies.

Who is in my tribe?  The earth lovers, the gardeners, the independent farmers, the spirited, the indigo children, the dreamers, the lovers, the compassionate, the empaths, the wise and the wistful…kindred spirits, those who have creativity, visions and dreams, the gentle souls, and those who have a deep connect with nature. Those are the people in my tribe, in my community.


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