love is in the air

This weekend I had the joy and pleasure to watch a dear friend get married.  It truly was a joyous occasion for these two seemed so perfectly matched for one another.  I have watched her change and grow into a better person during their courtship and engagement.  He has definitely influenced her in many good ways.  In turn, she has also influenced others with her spirit, grace and behaviour.

Some think that being divorced and weddings don’t mix.  That there is bitterness there, perhaps even a selfish hope that others’ marriages will fail.  Misery loves company.  But I don’t feel this way.  My marriage was built on shaky ground; on the shoulders of one, not both partners.  My marriage wasn’t built from true love, respect, and equality.  I also recognize the difference.  And because I do, this allows me to be genuinely happy for my friend and her new husband.

Marriage can and does work.  And perhaps some day I too may find someone worth marrying.  Someone who does not use me but rather wants to walk side by side through life.  I am still hopeful that one day I will find what my friend found.


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