the new path

This week I silently began to say goodbye to a career path that I have been on for the last fifteen to twenty years.  As I watched careers begin for others, I began to say goodbye to the one I have known for so many years.  It is not a sad goodbye, just not known to the world yet.  It is merely a new path; a vector if you will.

Yet, it feels right.  I am happy with this new path.  I feel like this is somehow where I was meant to be headed, and instead of being wrought with stress and fear of never being enough, I now feel valued and at peace.

This will be a long goodbye, I will do it right.  But as I do so, I look forward to what this new future will look like.  I am inspired and I feel my creativity surging yet again.  I feel the weight and heaviness of the old career melting away as I embrace my new endeavour.  And I’m happy.  I feel my energy returning.  I feel my posture beginning to straighten metaphorically (and perhaps physically), my eyes feel brighter, and my mind sharper.

I am ready.


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