rollercoaster ride

This week has been quite a ride!  There have been so many ups and downs that I really truly felt like I was on a rollercoaster at the fair. My mother went in for surgery at the beginning of the week that had me nervous and frightened for her.  Coupled with the fact that we live many miles apart, it is difficult to carry on with life as usual while my heart and thoughts are there with her.  Where things lie for her are still a little unknown for me, so there will be a quick trip home to see her in the not too distant future.

These are the times when you realize how things change with aging parents and the medical complications that arise with senior years.  I always assumed it would be my dad that would be needing extra care.  He always led a hard physical life with his work, and I just assumed that he would be the one with physical issues in his later years.  So far, he has still been going relatively strong.  My mother, on the other hand, she has had her challenges.  A couple of strokes, relatively minor and caught early enough for the interventions to be effective thankfully, cancer, and now this.

Life is unpredictable.

What this teaches me, is that you don’t wait to tell someone how you feel.  Don’t wait to say I love you…wear your heart on your sleeve.  Be vulnerable, be spontaneous, be silly.  Enjoy life.  Because you really don’t know what is around the corner.


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